Most Hated Person On The Indian TV Ads – The Airtel 4G Girl

1. If you’ve been in India at any point over the past few months, chances are that you’ve come across Airtel’s new 4G network ads.

airtel 4g girl 1

Chances are that you’ve also seen the protagonist of those ads, the Airtel 4G girl, get hate because a loooooot of people think that the campaign is annoying.

airtel 4g girl 2

ICYMI the campaign featured her as an aggressive Airtel-promoting character who interrupted strangers, friends, and family in the middle of random activities and asked them to use Airtel 4g girl 3

In fact, a recent official study concluded that Airtel was the most hated brand in the country, and the 4G girl was directly responsible for most of it.

But the Airtel 4G girl is just a character. There’s a real-life person behind it who’s had to deal with all the hate through no fault of her own.

airtel 4g girl 4

Say hello to Sasha Chettri, the 19-year-old who has unintentionally become one of the most disliked people in all of India today.  Chettri only started acting and modelling in April last year, and the Airtel campaign is one of the first assignments of her career.


“No one ever saw the campaign getting so big,” Chettri told BuzzFeed. “And I didn’t either. So, well, I didn’t think the ads would get such a reaction.” “I get trolled, a lot, but I guess that’s just natural. I don’t take it personally. I mean people like you, hate you, love you… I’m just doing my job.”


“To all the people who know the business of advertising, they know how this stuff works,” she added And if you think the trolling is limited to just the internet, you’re wrong. “My friends have gone nuts making fun of the whole thing,” Chettri said.

So where can you see her next, you ask? Sasha’s biggest passion is actually her music. So look out for this singer-songwriter’s EP soon.

Sasha Chettri music

In the meantime, there’s always the Airtel ads.

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