Fast & Furious 8 Indian Version : Featuring Auto Rickshaw Drivers – Hilarious Parody

#BeingIndian brings you this amazing spoof in The Fast & The Furious way, hope you guys enjoy this journey..!!

Fast & Furious 8 Bhaade Ka Badla

ff8Their is a reason behind all of these, firstly they won’t go to the destination you asked for but when they do, their meter won’t work and they will charge as much as they can.

And when you get down at your destination they will charge some more because they have the power and you won’t do anything about it except walk away.

So, the Being Indians picked up this sensitive issue and molded it into a Hilarious Parody and it’s Damn Funny.

Since Fast & Furious 7 is such a big hit in the country, so they decided to make a parody Video on Action Franchise ‘Auto Rickshaw Drivers’. Watch the Video Now!



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